Replica Designer Belts generous said: to see Fan Juchang. Yo, the distance is really caring ah. Zhang Xiaojun some exaggeration to say: No wonder the original Fan Secretary then look at you! Lin Yuanyuan faint smile, is it? No longer say, on the bike left. Behind him, Zhang Xiaojun Pielepiezui, muttered one: hypocritical! Replica Designer Belts came to the inpatient department, to find Fan Changchang's ward, Fan Zhichang is carrying a reading glasses, half by the bedside to read the newspaper, next to a crutch.

Lin Zhaotong. Lin Yuan called a cry, then went into the ward, the apple basket next to the bedside cabinet down. Replica Gucci Belt wearing reading glasses, half by the bedside in the newspaper, see Lin far coming in, put down the newspaper struggling to get up.

Replica Designer Belts quickly hold down Gucci Belt hand, said: You old rest, the body important. Hand picked up the cupboard on the bedside table, half of the water inside the water down, pick up the pot for Gucci Belt pour a cup of boiling water, and then bend Waist open the apple basket, from inside out a few apple fruit plate, went to the bathroom for washing. Kobayashi, you ye do not listen to it? Gucci Belt cough twice, the direction of the bathroom complained: I am not saying that you will come to me later.

Replica Designer Belts side of the fruit plate out, I have long been engraved on the forehead Gucci Belt three words. I just do not come, others can me? He pulled a chair, sitting next to Gucci Belt, took out a fruit knife, while for Gucci Belt cut the apple, while indifferent said: Anyway, I rely on technology to eat, although not recruit people to see, but others do not ye I, after all, some things, but also rely on me to give them fill holes, is not it?

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