Knocked the door, opened the door is Wang Kechang's lover Belt Store, see Lin far from something, and smiled and said: Oh, Kobayashi, so polite doing? Come to, and what things? Replica Designer Belts changed the slippers into the living room, the bamboo baskets on the corner of the living room, smiled and said: This apple looks like no market to sell the good-looking, but the taste is very Yes, it 's not out there.

Replica Designer Belts poured a cup of tea, said: looking for Huling it? He chess in the neighborhood, I went to call him over. Wang Hu Lin followed Zhang Xiang from the upstairs down, not the door, the sound came in: the distance, quickly with me to kill two, Lao Li that chess chess, do not work! Upstairs came a bombing like a voice: Wang Hu Lin kind of run, we both finished this Council. I am sorry, I have a guest, smelly chess basket! Wang Hu Lin has been the door, and reached the head Chong Lou shouted, and then the door off, proudly laughing. Belt Store hand screwed Wang Hu Lin thighs, rebuke: really crazy!

Did not see a guest? Wang Huolin went to Replica Designer Belts side to sit down, to Cheap Designer Belts handed a cigarette, and Chong Fang Fang shouted: daughter-in-law, can not give me also? I can not count the guests? Burning a cup of tea and thirsty! Lazy care about you! Belt Store white Wang Hu Lin one, reached out and knit half of the sweater, turned back to the forest distant laughed: Kobayashi, you both slowly talk ah. I went to the opposite string of a door.

The Look at this lazy daughter! Designer Belt Lin shook his head sigh, reaching out to warm up his bottle to pour a glass of water, Lin Yuan said: distant brothers, after looking for a wife must find a diligent, do not find Belt Store people.