Replica Designer Belts said with a smile: Wang brother, you do not be born in the blessing of the blessing, sister - wife how virtuous people, do not forget to give you a sweater. And wiped the two, Belt Store said: You did not go home yesterday? How to come back today, something? Replica Gucci Belts and Belt Store relationship is very familiar, and Wang Hulin is not polite, directly to entrusted things out. Belt Store heard a smile, patted his legs and said: Brother, when I was a big thing ah, the original is this ah?

You wait until tomorrow when you go to work just say me on the line, but also with a special run over? I am not just in the body is responsible for this one? We two of this relationship, is not it? Replica Designer Belts smiled and said: Wang brother, I was relied on and your relationship is good, before promised down, or how can I dare to bear this thing? Belt Store waved his hand and said: Well, do not say this thing.

You go back to let them go directly to Corey to find me on the line. He stood up and pulled out a board from the table, said: Come, we brother two good kill two Wait until noon, so that your sister - in - law gave us a few dishes, we brother two good drink two cups! That we have to say good, not allowed to regret ah! Replica Gucci Belts also smiled and sat down at the table. Wrong boy, less proud, you are waiting for hard for mercy!

Belt Store put a good pawn, unceremoniously picked up a red gun to the middle of a said, guns two five! Wang Huolin home in the lunch, Replica Designer Belts back to the dormitory to rest a bit, so wake up when it is already four o'clock in the afternoon. Replica Gucci Belts up and wash a face, carrying another basket of apples out of the dormitory, he went to the hospital to see Fan Chang. I thought of Fan Chang, Fake Designer Belts heart could not help but burst of sadness, a good person, how could become so?

He threw his shook his head and tried to make himself not thinking too much. To the downstairs, Replica Designer Belts from the corridor launched a bike, with a rope tied to the apple basket. Then came a voice behind him: distant, come back from home? Replica Designer Belts turned a look, is the same department Zhang Xiaojun, nodded and said: Yes ah, come back. Zhang Xiaojun eyes fell on the back of the car in the back of the apple basket, said: You are … …